Welcome to Love Me Again, an upcycling program by INSIDE VOICES

Born with the intention of loving, rather than discarding, Love Me Again hopes to extend the 'shelf-life' of your own pre-existing clothes via a simple system whereby you supply and we print.

We've always made an effort to be conscious of the amount we make, keeping our releases small and low impact. This year we wanted to explore new ways of connecting a meaningful product with people, Love Me Again hopes to do that.

How to love again ︎︎︎

Head to our website, submit an online order and fill out the required form on checkout.

Next you will need to drop off your garment at our dropbox located at Stay Soft Collingwood. Not in Melbourne? You can mail it to our studio.

After processing, please allow 1-2 weeks for us to print and send back your loved again garment.

The first print will be available from Friday 16th July.

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